Key Manpower Changes in May 2020

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(Latest update as of 5 June 2020)


Xiangyang DING, took on an additional appointment as the Group Leader of the State Council’s special liaison group on Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism. This group’s primary task is to evaluate and supervise Covid-19-related prevention and control work. He is also the Deputy Secretary General of the State Council.

Huaixin SUN, took over as the in-charge for discipline inspection at the National Development and Reform Commission and Member of its Standing Committee. Experts say this is a deputy ministerial appointment. He was previously in the same role at China Railway.


Rong HE, is appointed Deputy Party Secretary and Vice-President of the Supreme People’s Court. She was previously Deputy Party Secretary of Shaanxi province.


Jinlong SUN, is appointed as Vice-Minister of Ecology and Environment. He has previously held leadership positions in Anhui, Hunan and Xinjiang. He replaced Runqiu Huang, who became Minister.


Zhaoxiong CHEN, is now Chairman and Party Secretary of China Electronics Technology Group, a Fortune 500 Company. He was previously Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology.

Jiangchuan HE, is appointed Chairman and Party Secretary of Beijing Capital Group. The company owns more than US$50 billion worth of assets and its core business is in environmental protection, real estate, infrastructure and financial services.

Haixiong SHEN, is appointed Editor-in-Chief of China Media Group (CMG). Since 2018, he is also Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and President of CMG.

Hongshui SUN and Yanzhang DING swapped appointments. Ding is now Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary of Power Construction Corporation of China (Market cap: US$7.7 billion). Sun is now Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary of China Energy Engineering Corporation (Market cap: US$3.1 billion).

Dong XIN, is appointed General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of China Mobile. This position was left vacant for more than seven months.

Dong ZHAO, is now Director and Deputy Party Secretary of Sinopec. This is a promotion from his previous role as Chief Accountant.

KEY PROVINCES (alphabetical order)


Hongwen BAO, is now acting Mayor and Deputy Party Secretary of Sanya city.


Changsong WANG, is appointed Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Jiangsu province. This is a deputy ministerial appointment. He previously held the same role in Heilongjiang province.

Guanghui XU, is appointed Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Government. He was previously in Jiangsu’s  Development and Reform Commission.

KEY CITIES (alphabetical order)


Yong YU, is now Party Secretary of Jingan District Committee. This is a bureau level appointment. He replaced Xiaodong LU, who is assigned another role in Shanghai.

Fangzhou LU, is appointed Party Secretary and District Mayor of Jiading District. This is a bureau level appointment.

For the purpose of easier reading, we have abbreviated some titles. For example, “Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of City X” has been shortened to “Party Secretary of City X”. “Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Leading Group of City X” has also been shortened to “Member of City X’s Standing Committee”.

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