Updates: 3 – 9 May

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1. Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi is a vlogger that amazed the world with her life in rural China (her hometown is in Mianyang, Sichuan province). She released a short video about planting and cooking peas on 27 April and her channel surpassed 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos focus on beautiful countryside lifestyle and Chinese traditions. See her videos here.

2. J&T Express Jitu – 极兔速递

A newcomer in the delivery sector, its name in Chinese is pronounced as Jitu, with a literal meaning of ‘Extreme Rabbit’. The roots of the operation draw on J&T Express, an express courier firm founded by Chinese entrepreneur Jet Lee in 2015 in Indonesia. It has become one of the fastest-growing players in Southeast Asia, looking to serve more than 550 million people with a team of nearly 60,000 staff.

Jitu only started building its logistics capability in mid-March but its network has already expanded to 1,500 outlets in a bid to provide coverage within almost all China’s towns and cities. It has also teamed up with more than 10 e-commerce platforms including major players like Pinduoduo and Suning.com. As of last week, its rapidly expanding operation was manned by nearly 15,000 staff and it had started making deliveries in larger cities.


1. “Hou Lang”

“Hou Lang”, which literally means “the rear wave”, is an internet lingo that gained overnight popularity in China. It originally came from the idiom “the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before”, and it means that each new generation excels the previous. This term was used repeatedly during a motivational speech for the youth generation, created and streamed on Bilibili. It garnered so much attention and discussion that the next day that Bilibili’s stock price increased 4%.


1. Lianghui on 22 May 2020 

Lianghui, or “Two Sessions”, also known as the most important political event of the year, will take place in Beijing this year.

*We will have a special coverage on Lianghui, please keep a lookout on 86insider.