Updates: 7 – 13 June


1. Zhong Nanshan

Zhong Nanshan, China’s top respiratory expert, said that a Covid-19 vaccine could be put into emergency use as early as this fall. Currently, six vaccines are undergoing clinical trials in China. (8 June)

2. Yew-Kang Ng

Yew-Kang Ng, a Professor at Fudan University, proposed that China should allow women to have multiple husbands, as a solution to mitigate the surplus of bachelors in the country. The article drew widespread criticism on social media. (11 June)


1. Weibo

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has ordered Weibo to stop updating its “Top Searches” for a week (10 June – 17 June), as a result of online disorder caused by a saga related to Jiang. While CAC did not specify who Jiang is, it is widely speculated that it refers to Alibaba’s rising star Jiang Fan. (10 June)

See https://86insider.com/updates-26-apr-2-may/ for a brief summary of what happened.

2. New Oriental and TAL Education

New Oriental and TAL Education, both large education service providers listed on New York Stock Exchange, rejected speculations that they were considering a secondary listing in Hong Kong. (8 June)

3. Zynn

Zynn, owned by Kuaishou to rival Bytedance’s TikTok, was taken down by Google Play Store following accusations of plagiarism. (10 June)

4. NetEase

NetEase’s shares rose more than five percent in its Hong Kong debut, outperforming an overall two percent decline in the market. (11 June)


1. Import and Export Fair

China’s 2020 Import and Export Fair, which commenced since 1957 and is one of the country’s largest trade fair, will be held online from 15 – 24 June. (11 June)